Private Fleet Backhaul

For most companies Private and Dedicated Fleets are cost centers and lack the resources to pursue, negotiate, and manage spot market backhauls. Many companies use load boards to identify transactional freight to fill their backhaul, but load board freight is less than desirable with difficult docks, multiple stops, long wait times, and low rates.

Load boards are also notorious for timely payment challenges. Private Fleet Backhaul has a stellar payment record. Lanes you move with us remove non-value-adding, money chasing activities, free up your staffing resources, and mitigate payment risk. Private Fleet Backhaul functions as your outsourced, variable-cost sales team, working to locate repetitive freight lanes that match your consistent backhaul needs. We work directly with shippers, never offering you load board freight.

How it works


Upload your backhaul lane needs
to our database.


Identify potential synergies between your capacity and our repetitive, consisten freight lanes.


Share pricing and operational requirements to find strong matches.


Move the freight, offsetting your operations costs without adding stress.

Our Freight Lanes

95% of our lanes have the following characteristics:

  • Repetitive in nature (same vendor and cosignee)
  • Consistent (year-round with minimal seasonality)
  • High-volume (average at least 3 loads per week)
  • Low-maintenance (single-stop, ample tender lead time, no driver assist)

Because we work directly with our shippers, we can offer drop & hook options in many of our lanes.



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