We do transportation different.

Load boards? Never have; Never will., Trailer pool? No problem.

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Our value proposition is fundamentally different from anyone in the industry. We dedicate 100% of our time and resources to matching consistent backhaul capacity with repetitive, high-volume freight. Unlike the majority of brokers, we have never used a load board in the history of our company, and we never will.

Our backhaul pricing attracts Fortune 500 customers, but our operational excellence is what keeps them. Keep reading to find out more about how we work.

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How we work.


Match your freight with empty trucks in our preferred network, giving you private fleet dependability at backhaul pricing.


Manage consistent and repetitive lanes to ensure freight gets where it needs to be on time and trucks return as needed.


Move your freight and your business toward sustainability, cost savings, and transportation reliability.

Private Fleet Backhaul, a non-asset based 3PL, focuses on bringing the underutilized backhaul capacity of America's Private Fleets to the transportation marketplace. By identifying synergies between shippers’ freight needs and carriers empty lanes, we give shippers backhaul pricing, create additional revenue for carriers, and provide a simplified logistics experience for all involved.

We work with only the most reliable companies.

I am a shipper.

By tapping into our network of available backhaul capacity, you enjoy quality service at competitive pricing.

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I am a carrier.

When your Private Fleet becomes part of our network, you instantly have access to our Shippers’ combined repetitive freight lanes.

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